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Virtual Learning Hub

Our virtual learning hub offers a comprehensive e-learning platform, including customized content creation, learner engagement tools, and analytics to help educators and learners facilities effective remote learning and teaching.

IT Services

We offer a range of IT Services, including software development, cloud computing, network security, data management, and technical support to help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing services that help
businesses increase their online visibility and reach their target audience from boosting to SEO,
we do it all.

Social Media Management

We support our businesses reach their
clients through content that is engaging and to-the-point. Our services help you monitoring
your page insights, engage with audiences and build a brand.


We help establish e-commerce sites that help drive online
sales for businesses and enterprises.

Help & Support

Our team of skilled and reliable members provide all-
round support to help you succeed.

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Aava Technology is located inside the premises of Kalapbrikshya Holdings on Pashupati Road, Gyaneshwor. Call us at +977 9801793517 or submit the form below.

Innovative solutions for a connected world - Aava Tech Nepal.

Aava Technology Nepal is a leading software development company specializing in delivering custom software solutions, mobile application development, web development, digital marketing, and virtual learning services. with a team of experienced professionals, Aava Technology Nepal aims to provide high-quality services to its clients while keeping up with the least industry trends and technologies.

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